Harleigh Venables

Through and through I’m a guy obsessed with details, beautiful design and good old-fashioned collaborative problem solving (particularly with technology). I work as a Communications Manager and freelance designer / technologist specialising in things like digital and print communications, business process and systems, right through to brand management and tendering for all types of projects and clients.

As an employee and contractor I’ve spent the last decade building my career through in-house communications and marketing roles for a range of architects, engineers and builders. In these I have had the pleasure of working on projects with varying types and scales ranging all the way from small inhouse jobs, right through to multinational collaborations, work with all levels of government, NGOs, universities, NFPs, and SMEs — then also across all imaginable sectors. This has given me an incredible appreciation and developed understanding of the opportunities and ideas available to share and borrow from industry to industry through clever forms of design, communication and technology.

I have had a long obsession with good design (since I was a kid when I used to draw building design ideas and tell my mum I wanted to be an architect — ha!). Over the years my little design explorations through natural life tasks has really taught me how fundamental design is to every part of our lives (even when it’s done badly funnily enough). I’ve learnt that pushing design capabilities, not just visually but equally as importantly through the planning and process, is good design’s best success. The emotion that design creates is probably one of my favourite forms of entertainment (as dumb as it sounds). I’ve essentially developed a fixation for enjoying the good design and detail that a lot of people don’t notice in everyday life and some of these crazy appreciations often become inspiration for my work through subtle ideas or references. From one of my favourite piece of furniture (Eames DSR) right through to the corporate document designs I meticulously obsess over day after day in my day job, or even say my beautifully crafted iPhone inside and out  — I love trying to explore and learn the story behind these great pieces of design to really appreciate them even more (often to the confusion of a lot of my friends who seriously think I’m crazy!).

I try to combine all three of my favourite mediums together in my work: design, communication and technology — all of which should all represent the same thing and are equally as important to one another. Design = communication = technology.

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